LungBoost Respiratory Trainer
  • MD8000
  • MD8000B

Model: MD8000B

Strengthen Respiratory Muscles
6 Resistance Levels, and Each Level can be adjusted to 5 different levels
Visual Feedback & Data History

Model: MD8000B

Display: TN
Dimension: 161.2mm*61mm*117mm
Weight: 170g

ChoiceMMed LungBoost Features

ChoiceMMed Respiratory Trainer strengthens your respiratory muscles with adjustable load training to help you breathe easier, feel better and improve athletic performance and daily life quality.

  • Affordable & Easy to Use Technology for Home
  • Patent Pending-An Innovative Technology for Spirometer
  • Strengthen Inhaling & Exhaling Muscles
  • Dual Purpose Training Modes
  • Multiple Resistance Levels for All Sorts of Intensity
  • Visual Feedback & Data History
  • Increased Exercise Capacity and Endurance
  • Reduction in Shortness of Breath, Cough, and Wheezing