Vital Signs Monitor
  • MD2000A1
  • MD2000B

Model: MD2000A1

Display: LCD & LED
Dimension: 296mm*166mm*96mm
Weight: 550g

Model: MD2000B

Display: LCD & LED
Dimension: 296mm*166mm*96mm
Weight: 1.8kg

Innovational Design Exhibit Quality

  • 3-level audio and visual alarm;
  • USB Data upload;
  • Built-in thermal recorder (optional);
  • Compatible with CHOICE CMS (optional);
  • Ultra-long Standby and Portable;
  • Intellectual control of power consumption, internal rechargeable battery lasts 24 hours;
  • Support AC or DC power;

Who need a ChoiceMMed Vital Signs Monitor ?

Workers working in jobs with overtime schedules

Workers or students whose busy time is longer than 12h

Special Field Workers

Working at Army, working as a firefighter, working aloft and outdoor adventurer

High Altitude Environment

Highland, aviation, mountainous environment

Sports & Exercise Lovers

Ball games, climbing, indoors exercises

The Seniors

Monitor the seniors' health conditions

Hospital & Home Care

Emergency, oxygen therapy, health management