Telehealth device
  • FG6
  • MD300W4

Model: FG6

Display: Color TFT
Dimension: 170mm*110mm*55mm
Weight: <600g(with battery)

Model: MD300W4

Display: OLED
Dimension: 133mm*63mm*33mm
Weight: 200g


  • Colorful TFT display
  • Smart design,easy to use, portable size
  • Real time monitoring NIBP, SpO2, ECG, Pulse Rate, Temperature
  • Wireless real time data transfer, powerful compatibility and easy to install
  • Standard accessaries: 2GB SD card, easy to stock the data for 720 hours
  • Tele-monitoring system: check NIBP anytime though software instruction
  • Humanization design: choose NIBP setting from manual or automatic check


  • Good for inpatient department: real time monitoring 16 beds patients;
  • Good for rehabilitation department: movable advantage;
  • Good for nursing home institution: real time monitoring aged people,good for care management.