• MDTS111

Model: MDTS111

Display: LCD
Dimension: 20.67*9.88*9.25 cm
Weight: 0.845 lbs

What is TENS?

TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is predominately used for nerve related pain conditions (acute and chronic conditions). TENS unit works by sending stimulating pulses across the surface of the skin and along the nerve strands, blocking or reducing the pain signals going to the spinal cord and brain, which is a safe treatment with few or no associated side effects.

Comparing normal Tens, Our new TENS is used for the treatment of Painful Diabetic Neuropathy.

ChoiceMMed Tens Features

ChoiceMMed Electronic Pulse Stimulator is an Over the counter TENS unit using mild electrical impulses fed through self-adhesive pads to gently delivers it to the affected areas of your body, soothing away temporary pain relief system associated with sore & aching muscles. It is a drug free alternative to pain management and allows the user to enjoy a powerful and fast treatment wherever and whenever you need it.

  • Relieve your stress, tiredness and muscle ache simply and gently
  • Allows choosing from either preset or manual operation mode
  • Durable and washable electrode pads
  • A wide range of application on multiple areas by two channels
  • Adjustable stimulation, intensity and speed options
  • Portable design which can be used during day to day activities

General Guide: how to use the Tens

As TENS Machine is small and lightweight, you can use it while you're working or on the move. It's likely that you'll get more benefit from it by using it in this way. You can put it in your pocket, clip it to your belt or hold it in your hand.

Position the self-adhesive pads on either sides of the painful area, at least 2.5cm (1 inch) apart. Make sure the machine is switched off while you attach the electrodes to your skin.

When you turn the TENS Machine on, you'll feel a slight tingling sensation passing through your skin. The machine has a dial that allows you to control the strength of the electrical impulses.

Start on a low setting and gradually increase it until the sensation feels strong but comfortable. If the tingling sensation starts to feel painful or uncomfortable, reduce it slightly.

You may find that the sensation starts to reduce as your body gets used to the effect. In this case, turn the current up slightly so that the tingling sensation feels strong again. It should always feel strong but comfortable.

Who needs ChoiceMMed’s Tens?

Workers working in jobs with overtime schedules

Workers or students whose working hours are more than 12 hours

Anyone Who Suffers From Pain

Low back pain, knee pain, elbow pain, muscle pain, nerve pain, joint pain, foot pain, leg pain, neck pain, shoulder pain

Sports & Exercise Lovers

Ball games, climbing, indoors exercises