The CMEF exhibition will help promote the "medical digitalization" process.

  The 79th China International Medical Equipment Fair took place on April 11-14, 2018 at National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC, Shanghai). It is the largest fair of medical devices, related products and services in the Asia-Pacific region. ChoiceMMed, as always participated in CMEF among more than 4000 Chinese and foreign exhibitors. The theme of this medical feast was "digital medical era". During the exhibition, more than 10000 new products were launched.
  During CMEF, visitors could join around 50 forums, where experts discussed about the cross-boundary integration in the medical and health field. Disscusion about policy of the future industry development was very intense. In addition, it is worth to say, that recently the domestic Internet giant - Alibaba - founded Ali Health, and it is also predicted that another big company  - - soon will invest in the medical field. Both of them are planning accelerate their strategy of a smart medical ecosystem in the process of globalization.
  Visitors could see a numerous of exibitors, which presented devices such as medical robots, VR/AR medical health applications, wearable equipment, mobile telemedicine and so on. Many people visited also ChoiceMMed's booth, a company which after more than 20 years of development has become a leader in China's blood oxygen industry. Participants were especially interested in blood oxygen products, family medical series and basic medical series products. The overall style of "small and inteligent devices" were attracting the attention of new and old customers.
  This year, the National People's Congress (which is China's top legislature), approved a new 13th Five-Year Plan. According to it, government will put forward China's health industry, by improving the people's health, quality of life and promoting the development of medical field. Government will also popularize development of intelligent health care products for the global medical institutions and families, as well as promoting the "digitalization" process of the medical industry in China.


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